About Us

N.A.S.A. is a non-profit corporation that manages the Arizona Game and Fish St. Johns Shooting Range. The range is located at 320 CR6350, St. Johns, AZ 85936. Basically, turn North on 2nd West in St. Johns, and drive about three miles North. You'll travel on sections of dirt road. The gate is on the right, and there is a big sign that says "NASA Shooting Range". Currently, the gate is locked to the public, except during official shoots. Members recieve keys to the gate. Here is a link to the Google Maps map of the range.


DONATION: Annual donation will be $36.00 for individual, $60.00 for family, $5.00 for sponsored Jr. member (17 & under). Due and payable in the month of May each year.
GUESTS:Members may take guests to the range as often as they like.
KEYS: Each adult member (age 18 and older) will be given a key to the shooting range. Each key will be numbered and assigned to that member. Please do not loan your key to anyone. Non-compliance may result in the member losing their membership. EXCEPTION: Non-member workers may enter the range in order to perform their duties. RESPONSIBILITY GOES WITH THESE KEYS!
SAFETY: Safety is every members responsibility. Report ANY unsafe activity to the range master or safety officers and it will be dealt with immediately!
CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for supervising their own children, this is important for safety reasons.
ANIMALS: Absolutely no pets, for safety reasons!
ALCOHOL: Guns and alcohol are incompatible. Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or during any club or range activity.
MEETINGS: Board meetings are the second Friday of the month at 6:30 pm. General meetings are the fourth Friday of the month at 6:30 pm. Both meetings are held at the St. Johns Public Library at 35 South 3rd West.
PROPERTY DAMAGE: Do not use outbuilding, awnings, tower, tables, chairs, or any other item that has been put on the range for your convenience, as a target. As of right now due to vandalism you are required to provide your own targets.
All rules are subject to change, it is your responsibility as a member to check for changes in the regulations.


Memberships and keys can be obtained at the St. Johns Senior Center at 395 South 1st Street West (behind the courthouse) - (928) 337-2254
You may also download the membership form from the files page, fill it out, and mail it in with payment. When we recieve it, we will mail a key to you.


Vice President:     Bill Watkins - (928) 337-2254 (leave message if no answer)
Secretary:     Pat Hall
Treasurer:     Chuck Jensen
Board Members
    Katrina Watkins